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Irina & Vjekoslav

Travelling and discovering the world, side by side, everything led us towards Almayer. Recognizing the potential of a forgotten house and a yard in the heart of this beautiful Dalmatian city we finally opened the doors to our guests.




Eko began making organic wines in 2011, after a career as a doctor. He is experimenting with different grape varieties to plant in the Kakheti region of Georgia. He also works very closely with organic small vine growers in Western Georgia as well as producing his own wines at Lagvinari.


Novavila was born thanks to the passion that the family Vilanova Peña has for wine, decor, places and people. We aim for our guests to enjoy their stay, to immerse themselves within the atmosphere, the produce and the people of our destination.

Sabine und Stefan

After a ten year journey Stefan and Sabine created a place where people can step back and relax.  Stefan left his work as a dentist to fully focus on La Montagnola Retreat. Sabine now realizes her passion to create space for peace and recreation of body and mind  in a new context.



San Canzian is primarily a project with the soul of a small group of friends and enthusiasts. A small luxury gastronomic hotel with a constantly superior level of service in the relaxed and informal atmosphere of a peaceful destination located in the most beautiful Istrian countryside.



Detail-oriented and the best advisors during your holiday with us, Hernâni and the entire Vila Monte Farm House team will provide support from the moment you book your stay with us. From sending relevant information about our property and destination prior to your arrival to making sure that all your needs are met during the days you spend with us, you will always have someone to turn to.



Can Morei is a family project; Jordi, Carlota, Angels, Lluis and Júlia. We all share a passion for our local region and love to discover, on foot and by bicycle, all corners that nature offers us as well as small producers of wine and organic craft beer. We savour the ancient stories of our destination and enjoy sharing them with our guests while sipping a glass of wine on the terrace.

We all have a part to play in protecting this great continent, its untouched wilderness spaces and creating a legacy for the next generation. We are proud to present our 3 luxury eco camps located in the very heart of the Tanzanian Serengeti; Nimali Central Serengeti, Nimali Mara and Nimali Tarangire.

Hosts of Hotel Parque



Hotel Parque Quilquico was realised by friends and tourism entrepreneurs with the purpose of conserving and protecting the architectural and patrimonial heritage of the Island of Chiloé, its environment and nature. We want to share this experience with our guests and welcome you to become a part of the magic of Chiloé. We are waiting for you!



Real Conservera Española continues a saga of more than 100 years and three generations dedicated to quality fish and seafood canning. We are heirs to centuries of tradition of a people dedicated to the sea, with wisdom and knowledge being passed down from generation to generation.

Since we opened our doors in May 2016, we have offered Escaramuza Library & Café as a meeting point between books and coffee. In an old house dating back to 1903, we invite you to discover the convergence of two worlds: the trade of the bookseller and the art of cooking.

Carmo & Miguel

Quinta dos Machados perfectly combines the heritage that we are proud to carry on alongside Miguel and our daughters Margarida and Maria. We want to share our best wishes: comfort, superb gastronomy, a great book, read at our outdoor library or enjoy a delightful journey along our sensory path through the woods.



Pedro Melnitzky is the owner and General Manager of Las Liebres; an Argentinean living in Uruguay for 14 years. It is he who conceived the Comarca, bit by bit, as a dream capable of creating a legacy. Hugo Soca is the Gastronomic Director and has established himself as the most emblematic chef of Uruguayan cuisine.

Women sitting in a wine cellar



Mercè has been dedicated to the world of wine for more than 30 years, she worked hard to become a sommelier and today she enjoys sharing her knowledge with our guests. She and her husband Xavi decided to bet on the reactivation of a lost area of vineyards and recover its historical legacy, so Pla de Morei was born.

A Man in a portrait posittion



Hospitality is about exceptional service and being an enabler for your guests.. to help them get the most out of their holiday or business trip alongside the need to have an eco-friendly and sustainable operation, were we recognise the realities of climate change and focus on reducing our footprint and being a responsible part of our community, that is what we work hard to achieve here at 19 Rooms.

Cate and Dario



Cate and Dario are the silent and transparent souls of the Alma Historica hotel. They are not public figures but they love meeting guests to share their favourite recommendations. They are happy to come out from their offices and meet you if you wish to hear their story!

Pilar Monzon



Pilar is a hotelier with nearly 30 years of international experience. She strongly believes there is still so much to do in this industry. Now based in Spain and we are super happy to have her on our panel.

Haf and Eugen

Having travelled the world together while working in a variety of hospitality roles, Eugen and Hâfi are drawn to the idea of running their own resort one day. Both are proud advocates of slow, sustainable travel.

Monika Hilm



Monika has true leadership at heart. She worked in Hotels from Europe to Asia. She now lives in Sweden, where she will join a leading value-driven national hotel company. We are very proud to excite her with our project.

Alva Sueiras



Alva is a Spanish hospitality and gastronomy professional passionate about sustainability. Based in Uruguay, she works as independent consultant, university professor and food and wine writer & journalist.



Elena leads various processes in the company, such as administration, finances and support in different projects. Her interests in architecture, interior design and travel have turned into a passion for the hotel industry.



Anna is a lawyer. She worked in the technology industry and created a company whose core business was CSR. She wrote books on personality development and is passionate about everything that can improve our lives.



Lars is a hotelier since …ever. In love from day one with the great idea of travel and hostmanship. Now wishing to create this unique network to drive change for the better with many passionate people around.

Franco Vir



There’s no place like home, unless you have two homes. Or enjoy a really good hotel. Franco loves to commute between Bavarian lakes and the Croatian Adriatic. He also loves to put together new hotels, reanimate old hotels and turn around struggling hotels. It brings him the joy to feel at home in so many places.

Hosts of Singular Places Ana Paula

After travelling around 30 countries and living in 6 cities it is clear that travelling is my passion! (It’s especially a plus if it’s in a sustainable way.) Architecture, nature, beaches, food, culture and people, are my main thing, this love just comes naturally. I just want people to see extraordinary places and get the most out of their travel, I want to be an ambassador of the world!

Alejandro ambassedor

Alejandro, since 39 years making Chile known throughout the world. Lover of his country and its nature, good gastronomy, new experiences. His wish is to show the beauties of Chile from north to south and from sea to mountain range, suggest to world travelers the best itinerary and the places to visit, where to stay, where to eat, what to visit…

Oto Bokeria

Otar is an entrepreneur at heart, passionate about hospitality and with a keen eye for design, always looking for unique and distinctive properties with the aim of reviving. He studied in the USA and UK, now he lives in Georgia.

Team Hotelcamp R.

The Hotelcamp Reinsehlen team; a colourful, versatile mix of different personalities. We are united by the desire to accompany your time at the camp in a natural and friendly way. Get to know this unique place, we give everything for your eventful time-out from everyday life.

Marcelo Conserva and Natalia Welker

Our vision for Bodega Oceánica José Ignacio was to build a modern but beautiful winery and olive mill to showcase our love for design, art and architecture while also staying true to the quality of wine and oils our enriched land and experienced team can produce.

Host Hotel Spirito Santo

Here at Hotel Spirito Santo, we strive to make our guests feel like they are staying with good friends who take care of them.


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