What we stand for


We are aware of our responsibility towards our planet and our local communities and pro-actively seek opportunities to make a positive impact wherever we can.

We’re proud to be leading the way towards eco-friendly travel through our growing network of proactively sustainable, community-driven and responsible independent Hosts. It’s important to understand that we are not looking for perfection in our Hosts, but instead we are looking for those willing and ready to improve. Those who understand how becoming at first sustainable, and then regenerative, in their business practices is absolutely vital for the well being of our world and those we share it with, now and in the future.

When we refer to sustainability, we not only refer to environmental sustainability but also to economical and social sustainability. With that in mind, here’s what we mean by ‘sustainable’ Hosts:

  • Proactive in reducing & recycling waste
  • Taking care of the cultural heritage of their surroundings
  • Fostering a mutually beneficial network between guests, the local community, local suppliers and local services
  • An establishment run by local people
  • Positively impacting the local environment and surrounding community. They support and give back, enrich and enhance
  • Fair jobs, equal opportunity and minority support  
  • The value added is tangible – no greenwashing
  • Acting responsibly to create long-term value for future generations
  • Business ethos goes beyond hard numbers and profit margins 
  • They understand that proactive efforts today are better than waiting for perfection tomorrow – they start today and lead by example
  • Proactively seeking opportunities to go greener every day

Eco Certifications

You might also notice that we don’t ask for any particular eco certifications from our Hosts. Many eco certifications are valued and rightly so, but they are not required to join us. We look beyond certificates and at true intentions, integrity and honest values. If you’re showing up and genuinely doing the work towards becoming a more sustainable business than you were yesterday, then we want you. Bottom line.


Why sustainability isn’t our ultimate goal, but an important step and why regeneration is key

We strongly feel that we can do more than simply maintaining or sustaining (as sustainability means) our current reality. So let’s move beyond sustainability and together we can move towards a world of proactive regeneration.

Sustainability = Do less harm
Regenerative = Do good

It’s time to start thinking in an environmentally-centric, regenerative way – not simply focused on a circular economy whereby we continue to recycle and stay the same. This is our opportunity to be the systemic change that is required. We believe that our goal must be to do everything in our power, lives and businesses a little bit better each and every day, moving the needle from sustainability and towards regeneration. 

We must ask ourselves, how do we want to contribute to a better world? Our answer is to build a regenerative travel industry together with you. We must regenerate ourselves, our community and our planet.

Ensuring your travel actually has a tangible positive impact on you, on the destinations that you visit; environmentally, socially and economically, in ways that you can measure and see for yourself during your stay.


We empower our Hosts & team to create authentic and personal experiences for our travellers.

At Singular Places we understand that the people you choose to surround yourself with and the places you choose to stay are essential to the enjoyment of your trip and the depth of experience you can expect. Which is why we hand-pick each and every Host that we partner with to ensure that our guests enjoy the unique getaways that they deserve.

What we mean when we say we showcase Singular Places:

  • One-of-a-kind Hosts that go above and beyond to deliver local connections and personal, authentic travel experiences for guests in both city and leisure destinations
  • Uniquely designed and reflects a thought-through concept 
  • Enjoys a network of outstanding personalities, inside and outside of each business – providing a crucial part of the experience
  • Celebrate their cultural heritage
  • Storytelling is in their DNA


We show appreciation and commitment to our team in good and in challenging times. We listen and treat each other with fairness. We respect our differences yet we share common values.

One of the joys of our style of travelling is being able to very quickly gain a new perspective on the world and your place in it, and as we all know, it’s the people who truly make a destination. A vibrant, rich and eclectic culture is built through the coming together of hospitality-focused Hosts to create something unique for their guests. And it is this meeting of minds, hopefully vastly different to ours, that creates a level of understanding between you and that particular country that will last a lifetime. 

We believe that if you have spent time creating memories, learning stories and growing a deeper appreciation for other countries and places, you will find that you’re slowly “colouring in” a unique map of the world in your own mind. 

And as you continue to travel, you slowly colour in more and more of your map. And through this “colouring in” you are gaining appreciation and understanding of other people and cultures. That is what truly makes this world a better place.

It is through this richness of personal experience and the gathering of your own stories and truths that the world becomes a better place. Through understanding and appreciating our fellow people for their differences and our shared values, we are able to live harmoniously side by side.

Through travel you learn new truths, new ways to be and return home stronger, wiser and with the knowledge required to improve and help your own local community. Only a strong and happy YOU can change the world into a better place.

On a left-over piece of the Berlin Wall someone wrote:

“In case our government declares war to another government, we the people already declare peace to the people of that country”. 

When we start meeting each other, we start respecting each other, making travel a truly healing opportunity through which we can save the world, by first saving the people.


We are committed to our local community, acting responsibly and sustainably to create long-term value for those around us.

Our goal is to build regenerative hubs of Singularity around the world, so building quality connections that grow into supportive communities is what we love best! Here’s how we go about actively creating and cultivating such hubs of regeneration and singularity: 

As each new Host joins us they are also encouraged to welcome their surrounding community into our network to help support the building and strengthening of a regenerative, circular economy together.

This will ensure that each ‘cluster’ contains a variety of accommodation options, some great places to enjoy local food and drinks along with some wonderful, authentic local experiences to help travellers fully immerse within each destination without compromising their values.

We ask each member to show their community commitment by suggesting at least:

  • One additional external restaurant
  • One winery, brewery or similar
  • One farm or similar
  • One other SME (retail, art gallery, local tour guide etc)

With each Host helping other independent business owners nearby to grow and thrive, we are able to actively encourage and assist the growth of local connections and sense of community, which of course benefits everyone in each local community.

We also encourage each of our Hosts to connect with and support local NGOs (Non Government Organisations) and community projects to further deepen their positive impact within the local community.


Following enhanced public health measures is our top priority. We are highly aware of our responsibility towards our team members and guests, ensuring their safety and wellbeing – during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

We also feel strongly about safety that goes beyond the current global pandemic, to include a community where not only people can feel safe, but also where everyone can feel safe to be themselves.

We wholeheartedly support our Hosts in establishing or improving a safe workspace for their employees and guests that centres on inclusivity and equal opportunities.

This sense of safety also extends to people with disabilities and we are working to provide as fully accessible a service as we can. 

It’s important to us that our practices are transparent and accountable as we work hard to build this incredible community together with you and we understand that we will never achieve perfection but we are passionate about trying our best and improving each day.


By choosing to champion design-led sustainable Hosts we are blowing away the cobwebs from the stale stereotype of sustainability and rebuilding the image of sustainable travel as a sexy and indisputable solution.

We believe that sustainability will become a leading decisive factor for most conscious travellers as they book their travels over the next decade. But sustainable doesn’t have to mean giving up beautiful design, luxurious experiences and unique locations. We believe these can all co-exist harmoniously to provide the ultimate feel-good escape.

It’s our mission to bring the world of eco-hotels and other eco businesses to travellers who might not usually opt for a green stay. Together we can make sustainable travel the choice of the majority. 

After all, there is no rule saying that you must forsake luxury, style and comfort to ensure your trip is sustainable and has a positive impact. With so many incredible Hosts out there who not only provide stylish, design-led guest experiences but also ensure that this service is given in a sustainable and considerate way, why not enjoy the best of both worlds? A feel-good getaway in every sense.


We are passionate Hosts with a deep love for what we do. We create an environment that allows our team members and partners to enjoy what they are doing and deliver true happiness to our travellers.

One of our favourite ways to truly experience a destination is through the local flavours, made all the better when created using organic, locally-sourced ingredients, cooked up with love and enjoyed with friends.

After all, experiencing a place is just as much about savouring local dishes as it is about exploring its surroundings and conversing with its people. And we believe that a true luxury experience ignites all our senses to create unique memories that last a lifetime.


We appreciate transparency here at Singular Places, so we thought we’d share with you precisely what we mean when we say we support sustainable businesses:

  • We advise on their current sustainability practices to improve and enhance their positive impact and reduce negative impact
  • We aid them in moving towards regenerative business practices
  • We connect each business – according to their needs – to external sustainability experts and/or Hosts within our network who have experience and wisdom in the relevant area
  • We provide an invaluable roadmap showing the way and sharing lessons learned from within our network
  • Our support is non-judgemental, allowing all Hosts to feel welcome and encouraged to make positive changes in the right direction, no matter how imperfect


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