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What We Offer Our Guests

As keen travellers ourselves, we truly appreciate the importance of experiencing and gaining insights into other cultures, opening yourself up to a different way of seeing, living, being. We also understand that travellers are increasingly searching for alternative experiences that positively contribute to the social, natural and economic environment of their chosen destination. Undertaking a holiday with a difference that aids your personal growth, offers opportunities to authentically engage with the local community, being able to organically meet different people and learn different ways of living is our cup of tea!

Which is why it is our goal to create clusters of sustainable communities throughout the world who work together and collaborate to uplift their local communities on the road towards regeneration. This provides our travellers with a unique opportunity to stay amongst an eco- and community-minded cluster to fully enjoy and experience the best of what each destination has to offer without compromising their values or the quality of their experience.

What better way to truly experience life as a local than through clusters of quality Hosts all around the world? Whether that’s enjoyed through boutique hotels, cosy guesthouses, elegant wineries, laid back distilleries, geeky art tours, cultural experiences, wildlife watching, farm-to-table restaurants or unique eateries serving up the local specialties… whatever gets you excited about travelling, you can rest assured it gets our hearts pumping too!

But most importantly, we want to be the platform that attracts people who wouldn’t necessarily choose a “sustainable option” due to the somewhat outdated image of sustainable travel – we want to entice people who wouldn’t want to miss out on design and experience for the sake of sustainability, and not just the dedicated green travellers. Bringing green and better travel to a wider audience is our ultimate goal.

To do this, we must provide the choice for better travel and conveniently and attractively place it within the grasp of the majority. To blow away the cobwebs of the stale stereotype of sustainability and to rebuild the image of sustainable travel as a sexy and indisputable solution. 

We don’t believe our guests should have to sacrifice for an eco-friendly stay. Why choose between them when there are so many incredible, value-driven Hosts out there offering it all? There is no rule saying that you must forsake luxury, style and comfort to ensure your trip is sustainable and has a positive impact.

Our Hosts not only provide exemplary stylish and design-led guest experiences but also ensure that their service is given in a sustainable and considerate way, so why not enjoy the best of both worlds? A feel-good getaway in every sense!

Our mix-and-match booking platform keeps you – the traveller – in control at all times. Fancy taking in the sights with a local art tour? Add that to your basket. Want to book a table for four at the nearby farm-to-table eatery? Add it to your basket. We are the tool to help you create your very own, unique travel itinerary. We believe in giving power to the individual, so why not express yourself through your chosen travel experiences? You can rest assured knowing that we’ve done all the research and hard work for you, so at the click of a mouse you can book Hosts that have been hand-selected for their quality, values and flair.

Our refreshing approach to making green choices while on the road is designed to celebrate individuality, whether that be the traveller, the Host or the destination, without compromising on our values to make travel part of the solution to a greener world.

Our unique booking tool was created to bring all of this together, to make sustainable travel the choice of the majority, to truly make a difference in how we choose to travel and the positive impact that we can have on the world.


  • By supporting us you are actively encouraging authenticity within our industry by proving that Singularity is better than cookie-cutter experiences and by helping us continue to create unique travel experiences
  • You ensure a destination’s uniqueness by keeping businesses independent and self-sufficient and helping other local Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to do the same as part of a thriving network 
  • By supporting us you are supporting corporate social responsibility by proving with your actions that proactive involvement for a better future is a non-negotiable must
  • You are helping us to continue supporting our Hosts on their journey towards sustainability and entering into the next level: regeneration mode
  • You are positively impacting local communities worldwide by supporting even more businesses in their area that also focus on giving back locally
  • Together with your support we will become a shining example of how to move towards a more conscious, positive and feel-good way of travel


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